General Dentistry

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If you want a healthy smile, you need general dentistry from Bright Star Dental. With 27 years of general dentistry experience here in the Las Cruces, NM community, Dr. Gilbert and his well-trained staff will identify issues that are beginning to crop up in your mouth and prevent them from progressing any further.

Regular dental cleanings and exams are a must if you want to keep your smile bright and healthy as well. We even offer gum disease treatment. Call our office today at 575-635-4008 to schedule your dental appointment.

General Dentistry Keeps Your Mouth Healthy

Dr. Gilbert believes in preventing problems before they become big. General dentistry procedures at Bright Star Dental have a huge preventive component and can help you avoid spending time and money on more in-depth procedures. Everything our practice does is to ensure you get and keep a healthy smile.

General Dentistry Services

Here are several general dentistry services we have for our patients.

  • Dental Cleanings and ExamsOne of the most important parts of your general dental care is regular dental cleanings and exams with Dr. Gilbert. Every six months, we will give your teeth the professional cleaning they need to stay healthy. Dr. Gilbert will give your teeth a thorough examination as well. He will identify any potential problem quickly and recommend the best treatment possible, saving you time and money in the process. Trust our decades of dental experience to take care of your smile.
  • Preventive Dentistry Services: At your regular checkup, we may recommend dental sealants, fluoride treatment, and fluoride varnishes to protect your tooth enamel. We also offer nutritional counseling to help you and your smile be as healthy as possible.
  • Gum Disease TreatmentYou can’t have a healthy smile without healthy gums, and gum disease can destroy your gum tissue. The problem? Gum disease is often hard to spot on your own, but under Dr. Gilbert’s watchful care, it will not go unnoticed. We provide gum disease treatment to help you get a healthier smile. With scaling and root planing, we can clear out the bacteria to prepare your teeth for new gum growth. We also have antibiotics that can help arrest the infection and get your gums quickly back to good health.

Keep Your Smile Healthy with General Dentistry

General dentistry from Bright Star Dental prevents small issues from becoming big problems. Call our Las Cruces office today at 575-635-4008 to schedule your dental appointment. You can use our fast and easy online form to schedule your appointment as well.

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