Oral Surgery

Our Las Cruces, NM dental office is focused on every dental discipline that can give you a better, healthier smile. From removing dental stains during regular cleanings to helping you overcome problems with missing or failing teeth, Bright Star Dental is here for you with oral surgery.

That’s why our office is a leader is providing modern, comfortable oral surgery to improve your oral health. The term ‘oral surgery’ may not be music to anyone’s ears, but it’s a step toward giving you a healthier, more functional smile. Learn more about our convenient, modern treatments by calling our office at (575) 635-4008! Dental sedation is available for your comfort.

What Type of Oral Surgery Can I Expect?

Dr. Gilbert’s first goals are to preserve your teeth and give you a beautiful smile, whether that’s through general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or restorative dentistry. Sometimes, a tooth may need to be removed because it is no longer functional or to preserve your smile. Our office can provide simple extractions for failing teeth or remove wisdom teeth to avoid future dental problems, such as crowding or infection.

If we remove an unhealthy tooth, we can provide an effective tooth replacement option.

What’s Next After My Tooth Extraction?

At Bright Star Dental, we are proud to offer durable replacement teeth, including dental implants. We work with a skilled specialist to provide dental implants to replace single missing teeth or all of your teeth. The implants will merge with your jawbone and can be restored with crowns or full arches of new teeth. Implants give you the power to eat whatever you want and you’ll rediscover your youthful smile.

You can find out more about our reliable, strong dental implants or safe tooth extractions by calling (575) 635-4008.

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Dental Implants

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